Fossick Fashion Show: backstage

In case you missed the earlier post I was very fortunate to be involved in a fashion show held by Fossick Handmade, organised by Adele from From Scratch Events featuring Petra Vanessie clothes and Studio Olive hats, DJ’d by DJ Saccas (phew, what a collaboration!).

It started at 9am with makeup at Indulge. I’ll spare you the before photos.



Then we relocated to Boulder Town Hall for hair. Here’s a rare photo of the right side of my face:


Check out Sophie’s amazing curls:


Crisp! I’m dying to know how long they stayed in for.

There were amazing Petra Vanessie clothes:


And super sweet Studio Olive hats:


We had a couple of run throughs before people started to arrive. I’m not religious but must have prayed to every God ever invented that I wouldn’t fall over, split a seam or pop a knee cap out mid-strut (and it worked).


A class photo:


And then headed back stage to do super important stuff on our phones and eat lollies. Replace the lollies with nothing and we were just like real models.


More to come!

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6 Responses to Fossick Fashion Show: backstage

  1. Emily says:

    I’m a bit jealous that majority of the photos on this post are of sophie.
    I see which Braham you like more, punky Brewster.

  2. frenchadele says:

    I ❤ My Bloggable Day. And Bec.

  3. I wish i could have been there,the fashions look awesome

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