Fossick Fashion Show: strut central

At the show’s interval I sent my camera out to hang with these two blondes in the front row fash-pack to capture all the action from the catwalk.

Bec aka Annie Leibovitz:


And Claire, Annie’s advisor:



Sophie kicked off proceedings again in a beautiful coral Petra Vanessie dress and Studio Olive Hat.


She was followed by her sister Em and the other Bec.



I swear I had no idea where the camera was.



I closed the show in this amazing black lace dress (which I may have later purchased, hello sentimental value).



Afterwards it was time to go out and join the punters for what was left of afternoon tea.




As I sat munching on sweets a tiny little blond girl practiced her strut up and down the catwalk, her mum’s clutch in hand. She sashayed up and down, stopping to pose, hand on hip, pouting. She couldn’t have been more than 4 years old and she put us all to shame. It was adorable.

Certain I couldn’t possibly have enough photos yet we headed for to the photo booth for more.



There’s definitely something mesmerising about the lady mo.

Such a fun day. Thanks for having me x

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10 Responses to Fossick Fashion Show: strut central

  1. Beautiful Bec, absolutely beautiful! I hope you had an amazing time, it’s always fun modelling Petra’s dresses šŸ™‚

  2. frenchadele says:

    I thought it said slut central and thought, “thats a bit ‘arsh!”. But then I looked again.

  3. That looks like lots of fun – and you’re clearly a natural at finding the camera!

  4. smahns says:

    you have phenom eyebrows – and love the chambray shirt. x

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