Ladies Day 2014

Wednesday was the Hannans Handicap (aka Ladies Day) at the races. I went to work in the morning, ran home and threw on my dress and fascinator and off we went. I decided to take the tiny point and shoot camera that kept me company on dance floors all around Europe in 2010 (a decision I would immediately regret) but took some decent ones with my DSLR before we left the house.

IMG_0866 edited


And that’s where the decent photography ends. Oh well! Grab a drink.



My housemate Bec’s mum, dad and sister made the trip to Kalgoorlie for Ladies and Cup Day (tomorrow). How lovely it must be to have visitors! (HINT HINT)


Bec’s mum Jo, Bec, Claire, Bec’s sister Paris and Em in the front

I quickly learnt that those not invited to take part in a photo would make an effort to lurk creepily in the background.


Case in point.



There was some pretty impressive head wear on course:


Em, Carly, Paula and Olivia

Carly won the best hat award last year and Olivia designs hats, we wore them for the Fossick Fashion Show last year.


The Curtin family

Em got plucked from the crowd along with a few select others to take part in the best hat competition. Look how cute she is:


She made her own fascinator. Made it.


Unfortunately she didn’t win, but she was the winner in our eyes.


Celebratory trip to the bar

I won $26.70 on the first race and then nothing else for the rest of the day. Boo.






Fun times. Exhaustion well and truly setting in (insomnia has made its evil return), so it will be interesting to see how we go at the Cup tomorrow (the BIG one).

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9 Responses to Ladies Day 2014

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Great photos, looks like a fantastic day was had by all. You should get them on a plane and bring them over for the Melbourne Cup. Just one question, what sort of DSLR and kit do you use? I’m a Pentax man I’ve been using their gear since 1977 when I bought my K1000. The great thing about Pentax is they’ve never changed their lens mount so all my old lens’s work on my current camera’s. Have a great weekend.

    • Bec says:

      I have a Canon EOS D60, it goes well! I also have a Samsung mirrorless camera which is smaller but still takes great photos.

      • Patrick Caruana says:

        I like the Canon, I used one last night. I was at a party and my cousin asked to take some photos of him and his kids. He had this brilliant but really heavy 70 -200 mm lens on it so I popped that off for this amazing and really fast 50mm pushed up to 400 asa and didn’t need the flash. No noise either. Lovely handling camera. Great choice.

  2. Embraham says:

    I feel so much pressure to top my ladies day hat (pun not intended). Such a great day with some great people!

  3. So jealous, this looks like a blast!

  4. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    You look beautiful!! The hats are amazing ❤

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