What did you have for breakfast?


I’ve always been weirdly voyeuristic about peoples’ morning routines. I have no idea why but I remember as a kid, thoroughly enjoying a random segment on Sesame Street that involved two friends getting ready for their day ahead. I think I mostly just loved the corn rows the mom plaited into their hair, but ever since then it’s stuck with me.

– As a teenager I remember being slightly horrified when I stayed over at a friend’s house and she had toast for breakfast, on her birthday. Clearly I thought french toast or pancakes were part of everyone’s birthday morning routine.

– I once had a boyfriend who insisted you had to be showered and dressed before breakfast. Similarly, I have relatives who believe shoes are mandatory at the breakfast table.

– I had a housemate who would burn his toast every morning. Or overcook it. Either way the smell would hit me in the face every time I got out of the shower.

– Working in media, it’s common to ask someone what they had for breakfast so you can do a levels check (ensure the microphone is loud enough). The answers fascinate me. Sometimes more than anything said in the actual interview.

It’s as though everyone has this secret routine of complex rituals they perform every morning that we never talk about. All of a sudden people magically appear at school or work, ready to go. But what happens before then?! Call me strange, but I’m curious; what did you have for breakfast? Do you have the same thing every day? Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you shower or have breakfast first? How do you get to work?

During the week I shower first at about 7am except on Wednesdays and Fridays when I do a 6am spin class. Getting dressed can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on what’s clean/what I inexplicably hate the thought of wearing that day.

I apply makeup and then drive to work. I really should walk… I have microwave porridge and tea while I check my emails at my desk. I have the same breakfast for months until I suddenly tire of it. The yoghurt/frozen berry/strawberry combo pictured above was my breakfast for almost 6 months last year. And then strawberries got too expensive.

So tell me, what’s your morning routine? Apparently Vogue editor Anna Wintour starts her day at 5:45am with an hour of tennis.

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24 Responses to What did you have for breakfast?

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Coffee espresso no sugar from my old Cafeteria on the stove the two cup then a shower then another two cup some special with mango yogurt another coffee and then into my home office, check emails and tender notifications. Then start whatever is on my list. Another 2 cup around 10.30. That’s it for the coffee unless I have to go out for a meeting. If I’m home its black Lipton tea for the rest of the day.

  2. Laura says:

    I do the breakfast thing too- I’ll have the same thing religiously for months, even years, and then suddenly change to something else. I went through a Honey Nut Cheerios phase and now I can’t even stand the thought of them!

  3. Raluca says:

    How can you go spinning at 6 am?? It’s SO EARLY!

    • Bec says:

      And you have to get there at least 15 minutes beforehand to secure a bike! I much prefer getting exercise out of the way early 🙂

      • Raluca says:

        You have all my admiration for that!

        As for my mornings, I am the least morning person of them all, therefore I wake up only 30-35 mins before the time I actually have to leave the house, which means that I am in a great great rush. I actually have my alarm set to go off every 5 mins so I know when time passes and whether I am on schedule. Psycho, I know. My mum is worried I am so OCD I will never be able to live together with a living human being. We’ll have to see about that haha. The first thing I do is turn on the coffee machine and the last thing to do (quickly) drink my coffee (I like cold coffee, weird, I know). And eating will take place 45 mins later when already at my desk. Nowadays it can be anything but cereal/porridge – croissant, banana(s), cold leftover pizza, cereal bar (doesn’t count as cereal), literally anything. But I went through a 2.5-3 year phase of eating either porridge or weetabix every single morning, until one day I woke up and I couldn’t stand the taste/smell/sight of it anymore. I actually kinda regret that, maybe it’s just a phase, I relaly loved the instant porridge sackets!!

      • Bec says:

        Haha the alarm thing is hilarious! Whatever works hey? I don’t know where I would be without instant porridge sachets, do you have the flavoured ones? Like honey and maple syrup? Or just plain?

      • Raluca says:

        For some reason it won’t let me reply to your second comment, only to this one. I love the flavoured ones, mostly honey! I usually get them from the UK, was never happy with the selection on the continent. Or it it’s plain ones then I add honey myself but then tend to overdo it a little bit haha.

  4. melissaclaireleslie says:

    I’m a funny one in the mornings. I always wake feeling a bit icky. Certain strong smells/tastes can through me to feeling really sick, ie. strong coffee, someone coming in smelling of cigarette smoke or too much perfume/aftershave on a person… Ew!

    That being said, I’m quite the same with food. The earlier I wake, the more sick I feel and so it takes a lot for me to actually eat something in the mornings. Usually I go with a fruit smoothie (made the night before and put into the fridge) with a granola/cereal bar. I shower first and grab my breakfast as I’m heading out the door. I start work at 9am and eat breakfast as I’m checking my first batch of emails. In the winter months I am more inclined to have Porridge with a cup of tea, but I need to leave that until 9am or after, once the sick feeling has gone!

    Good post. It’s interesting to read about everyones daily habits 🙂 x

    • Bec says:

      Thanks for sharing! That’s really interesting, have you always disliked strong smells and tastes in the morning? I was SO hungry when I woke up this morning (at 5am), I can’t imagine waiting until a lot later to eat x

  5. melissaclaireleslie says:

    Throw* not through!

  6. Patrick Caruana says:

    Melissaclaireleslie reminded me with her comment about food smells. In the 1980’s I used to commute by train from Geelong to Melbourne for work. I used to get a train that left Geelong at 5am. There used to be a bloke who would catch that train and he would have a hot pie and a can of coke. The smell of the pie at that time of the day was nauseating but he was a shift worker so it was his dinner. Sometimes as the train would approach North Melbourne the Four N Twenty factory would be cooking up the meat for the pies and the smell was something to be experienced so early in the day. I don’t know how the workers in that factory coped with it.

    • Bec says:

      Ewww! I just can’t cop non breakfast food smells early in the morning. I used to have a colleague that would drink a can of passiona and eat a time out chocolate bar for breakfast at work. It didn’t smell but I still found it gross. Once I said something to him about it not being a very nutritious breakfast and he never ate it in front of me again… Whoops.

  7. Claudia Wood says:

    I love this. It’s always interesting to know what people do!

    I get up at 5 and go to the gym for an hour to an hour and a half. Then I come home and shower, put my makeup on, get back into my pjs/dressing gown, write for a bit or answer any emails that I need to, eat my breakfast (at the moment it’s a pear, a tin of baked beans and 2 salada biscuits with butter, and a glass of milk and/or peppermint tea) while watch The Bold and The Beautiful, do some social media stuff then get dressed and go to work.
    When the weather gets colder I’ll be having porridge with mashed banana and a little maple syrup and a white tea.

  8. Emily says:

    I literally just wrote a post about my routine…I am also fascinated by what other people do in those early hours. My favourite thing to eat in the week are breakfast tacos. Scrambled eggs on toasted corn tortillas with whatever is in the fridge (coriander, tomatoes, red onion) and lots of hot sauce. If I’m late then an almond milk smoothie with banana, peanut butter and cacao powder. Love breakfast!

    • Bec says:

      Your breakfast sounds better than most of my dinners! Breakfast tacos? I didn’t even know they were a thing! Well played Emily, well played.

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