A sunny Melbourne Sunday

On Sunday morning Mum and I woke bright and early at our airbnb apartment and headed to a lane way I’m confident most Melbournians will be familiar with:


You know the one?


Look familiar?


This will give it away.

Yep, we braved the Fathers Day crowds and went to St Ali for breakfast. We being my sister Sarah, her partner Nick, Mum, our good friend Uncle Tony (who isn’t our uncle) and I.


Hawt couple

It’s a big call, but I reckon St Ali is probably one of Melbourne’s most loved cafes. I’ve been there on the last few trips home, randomly.


The coffee is great.

My sister had poached eggs with avocado, toast and kale. She is far more on trend than I.



Nick and I had My Mexican Cousin, a delightful combination of poached eggs, corn fritters, halloumi and rocket.

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?


Cheese puns are the best.


Something seems to be wrong with my camera’s point of focus, so annoying.

Uncle Tony had pancakes and I had food envy.



St Ali was surprisingly quiet, I think many people must have been scared off by the combination of a Hallmark holiday and a no-bookings policy (which Melbourne eateries seem to prefer; maddening).

After breakfast we bade Mum farewell and Sarah and I went to visit Dad. Dad and I teamed with the nautical theme. Sarah and our brother Nick did not.


All his children in the same place for Fathers Day, so spoilt

We went for a walk to the park which was full of picnicking families just begging to be terrorised by the dogs.

My step mum Robyn is in a wheelchair at the moment due to an injury, so pushing her up and down the hills to the park made an excellent workout.


Hugo isn’t as innocent as he looks

After working up a hunger we opted for a lunch of quiche and fridge finds.


I can’t think of any more cheese puns


I could live on bread, oil and balsamic vinegar

Jillybeans (my grandmother Jill) was also there. She’s off to South Africa this week. She has also been to Vietnam and Cambodia this year and has a busier social life than I do. Oh and runs her own business full time.


My lady friends also joined in.


A Sunday with my three favourites: food, family and friends.

Oh and sunshine.



It was pretty hard leave.

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4 Responses to A sunny Melbourne Sunday

  1. Jess Carey says:

    Uncle Tony was definitely onto a winner with those pancakes, and Hugo is delicious!!!

    • Bec says:

      I know! I was so jealous. I always get the same thing at St Ali, clearly it’s time to shake it up. Hugo is my brothers’ dog and gets pretty protective of him when we pretend to fight, it’s hilarious! I miss having a dog so much!

  2. Yay you made it! Just catching up on my blogging. I completely lost it at the cheese joke and had to relay to my flatmate hahaha. Jillybeans sounds like a very interesting woman 🙂

    • Bec says:

      I made it! I actually thought the plane wouldn’t get to Melbourne airport, even when we were in the air?! I love me some cheese puns! Which is the most religious cheese?
      Swiss, because it’s holy! And my other favourite; which cheese do you use to hide a horse? Marscapone! (mask-a-pony 😉 )

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