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TGIF friends, TGIF. This week has been long and relentless and next week is the races and I just want it to be here NOW.


Do you channel slob chic on airplanes? In defense of dressing up when you travel.

Are you a social media fiend on vacation? Making all those peeps jealous? This woman engineered a 5 week trip to South East Asia using photoshop and had her family and friends fooled.

This movie looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it:

What women could achieve if we weren’t so busy counting calories. Food for thought (pun intended).


We have wisteria at growing at home! It popped up randomly and smells amazing.


We are not responsible for cultivating this magnificent plant, sadly.

I procured yet another striped dress to add to my collection (of 5? 6?). But this one is different.


Very different.

I’ve rediscovered the joys of walking this week. I’ve been traipsing around Karlkurla Bushland Park with the gang and enjoying the sunsets.


Yesterday I walked 8km solo though, and was more sore afterwards than after running. Weeeird.

What’s on for the weekend? I have another meeting with the Parmi United Party, we trial chicken parmigianas in the local area. Then I’m heading to some stables to do a story for the races. I’m going to watch my housemate Bec’s football team on Saturday evening and have a quiet night because we have the Boulder Cup on Sunday. Can’t wait!

Have a lovely weekend.

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4 Responses to Links and lately

  1. whatharveywore says:

    Cute dress!!
    I have a plane uniform – black maxi, chunky cardi that I can use as a blanket, ballet flats, and hair up in a bun. Not very stylish but I am always comfy and I never get cold.

    Enjoy the parma! No weekend plans other then resting up after a big week here.

    • Bec says:

      I actually think that sounds very stylish! But also practical, which is what you want. I might try that on my next long haul. I didn’t get the parma! But I did have a delicious steak sandwich and went to the races yesterday, so I can’t complain 🙂

  2. Patrick Caruana says:

    I always travel neat and tidy, most of my flying is for work & because I once lost a suit when my luggage went astray (causing incredible stress trying to find and buy one before a conference) I always wear a suit. Its sad but you would not believe the difference in service you receive. I have been upgraded to business on many occasions without asking (I’m too shy to). Another time I had to make a rushed flight to Brisbane from Melbourne for a meeting. I jumped on a 10am flight that my PA organised for me whilst I was in the taxi and she managed to get me literally the last seat on the on the last flight back that night. The problem was boarding took over 60minutes and the flight was delayed by almost 45 minutes and even though the pilot tried to make some of that up it was obvious we would be so late that I would miss the last bus from the airport to Geelong (around 80Kms). I thought I had to do something as I didn’t fancy sleeping in the airport terminal so I asked the steward if when we landed they could escort me to the door ahead of general disembarking. I had no luggage just my compendium and instead they apologised for the delay and stress and took me to a spare seat in business. So I guess the suit is the way to go.

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