Black and white clothing ban: Tuesday and Wednesday

I hated what I wore on Tuesday. I felt like a clown. I also hate that I hated what I wore as if what you wear really matters that much and is worth expending that much emotion on.

I was also really tired and would have just loved to have been in pyjamas instead. Ahem.


Part of Tuesday’s clown outfit

I suppose I never considered that dressing differently could affect my mood. That stepping outside a comfort zone, no matter how trivial, would be uncomfortable! One of the major benefits of this is discovering which clothes I will not miss at all when I hurl them into a charity donation bin at the end of the week. Silver lining!

Moving on. Today (Wednesday) was a vast improvement.


I wore my blue jeans (always a winner) from Lee, a white shirt (another winner) from Zara, Target blue and white jacket, nude shoes from Betts and a handbag from Oroton.


I seem to look down a lot?!

The orange Oroton bag was bought with a delightful orange slice coin purse, reminiscent of all those oranges eaten in between netball games… If I had actually played netball, and not basketball, as a child.


The orange slice.

Conclusion: I reeeeally miss wearing black and white.

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6 Responses to Black and white clothing ban: Tuesday and Wednesday

  1. You have such a lovely style- loving these outfits! xx

  2. Lauren C-H says:

    Can I please see the rest of yesterdays outfit?

    • Bec says:

      Haha yes I’ll show you tomorrow, floral ill fitting trousers really aren’t a good look! They are cropped at a really awkward point on my ankle. Time for the charity bin I think.

  3. mils says:

    I don’t know. I’m kind of partial to the “clown” outfit. And I’m also one that sticks to mostly black and white, so my opinion must carry some sort of weight :p

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