Travel Tuesday: Henley on Thames


I’m home sick today with a cold and a headache that won’t stop thump-thump-thumping despite the painkillers I throw at it. I pretty much slept the entire day, waking only when my windows started rattling loudly. I thought it was an earthquake but there is nothing on the Geoscience Australia website… So I’m going to pretend I’m soaking up sunshine with a cider outside a pub in Henley, a picturesque town in Oxfordshire famous for the Henley Royal Regatta.


I visited in May 2012 and it was sweltering. Accustomed to visiting relatives in England in the winter, the heat really threw me.

The best way to see Henley, is from the water. Grab a boat of some description (we opted for row), a boater hat and hit the Thames. You will pass adorable looking houses that occupy prime Regatta watching real estate and no doubt cost an arm and leg.


I’ll take the one with the rooftop courtyard

Seriously, how much would one of these set you back?


The ducks probably have the best views of all though.



Henley Bridge, built in 1786




When you get hungry, find a pub you like the look of:


The Angel on the Bridge

Park your boat (or convertable Mercedes):


And enjoy a traditional pub meal:


Peas with fish and chips? Brits are outrageous!

With a cold beverage:


And maybe an ice cream too:


When you’re done all that’s left to do is pick what colour boat you will have when you move there.


Blue or blue?

And what colour front door.


I’d love to go back for the Regatta one year. Have you been?

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  1. We haven’t but it looks like an adorable town!

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