DIY terrarium


On Sunday I made a terrarium. I’ve wanted to ever since seeing some very impressive ones at the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne in October (was that really only last month?!). The ones there had adorable little figurine animals and people. One of them had a tiny table and chairs that looked as though tiny people had just vacated after having a tiny garden party. I like tiny things. As a child I was obsessed with the miniature Tudor Village at the Fitzroy Gardens. We always used to walk through the Fitzroy Gardens on the way to and from watching Carlton play at the MCG…. Anyway.

I bought the jars from a discount store, everything else is from Bunnings Warehouse.



First you add a layer of stones or gravel, I couldn’t find the small stones I know we used to have lying around the house so I had to use big ones which kind of spoils the look (the soil comes up too high) but whatever.

Next you add a layer of charcoal, then soil and then the plants.

terrarium 1

For more comprehensive instructions go see Don Burke of Burke’s Backyard. He’s the expert. Also, I recommend not using potting mix on the dining room table.




As you can see I’m yet to add a creature, I’m thinking a dinosaur might be cute. It’s now Wednesday and the big jar with the lid is nice and condensation-y like a little greenhouse. The smaller jar I have watered.

Not quite a green thumb yet but I like them.

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