Experimental baking: rainbow cake

This blog post is kind of a testament to my tendency to not follow through all all tasks at hand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty good at finishing things… Except for cleaning my bedroom, cleaning my car, my desk or my wardrobe… Wow I think I just had what’s known as a ‘breakthrough’. So while I did manage to finish this cake, I didn’t get a photo of the end result…

Anyway, last weekend I had a go at making a rainbow cake. I didn’t feel the need to find a recipe or look up any sort of instructions. Because I’m a trailblazer, that’s why. Oh, and I used packet mixes HA!

So I whipped up two packet vanilla cakes, then divided the mixture into 5 bowls.



Now the fun part begins…


I somehow ended up with red food dye all over my hands.


The best part was mixing the colours. Blue + Yellow = Green.



(Anyone watch Orange is the New Black? Chocolate and vaniiiiilla SWWWIIIRRRLLLLL! Crazy Eyes? Get it? Get it?!)

Red + Blue = a very ugly purple




Then I baked each layer for 10 minutes.


I stuck the layers together with cream cheese frosting (out of tub, lazy).



You may notice a slight difference in the next photo, compared to the last two. In the interest of full disclosure, there was a brewery tasting session in between the third and fourth layers….


Smoosh! Doesn’t that look delightful?! To be fair, the cake looked fine (if not a little lop sided) when it was fully frosted. I wish I had taken a photo of a perfect slice of rainbow cake in all its layered glory, but I took the cake to a party, put it in the kitchen and then forgot all about it! FAIL.

So I can’t show you the finished product. Or even tell you what it tasted like (packet vanilla cake mix most likely). Or if it was well received. But I’m sure if I hadn’t been so absent minded it would have been delicious, everyone would have loved it and you would be drooling at my photo.

Your drool free keyboard is thanking me.

I will make it again one day! Properly. And take photos.

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