What I’ve been doing lately: a series of YAYs and NAYs

I went to Perth a few weekends ago and on the Sunday actually saw the sun shine for a few hours, YAY.
But it poured and poured the day before for the wedding that had warranted the trip to Perth in the first place… NAY.


It took a 12 hour round trip to get to Perth, NAY.
But I had excellent company and we got to drive into an excellent sunset, YAY.
Also, we forgot to organise music for the trip and had to listen to a 120 track MP3 belonging to someone else. Someone with highly questionable taste in music. Think heavy metal Swan Lake and weird country music. NAY.


Our littlest housemate Elly, moved on to bigger and better things,  NAY x 100,000.
But we went out for dinner, had three bottles of wine at a classy establishment with chandeliers on a school night and Bec and I sung Say My Name by Destiny’s Child at karaoke. YAY. I bet we sounded amazing too.

elly dinner

We also had a farewell party for Elly, YAY.
It was a costume party, YAY YAY YAY.

The theme was ‘the year that was’ and we had to dress as big local, national or global news from the last year. I went as the brunette from the Blurred Lines video (the one with clothes- this is important) and Claire went as Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.


Bec and her boyfriend went as Essendon football players circa the peptides scandal. Controversh.


Robin Thicke and I.


Bye Elly 😦


The next day required some serious medicinal fried chicken, NAY. But we ran into our friends in the drive thru, YAY hilarious.


When Elly left I inherited her purple pansy top, YAY!


Which matches the jacaranda trees, which are all in spectacular bloom at the moment. YAY.


Bec and I thought it would be entirely appropriate to buy a 12 pack of cinnamon donuts from the supermarket across the road for work for $2.


They were delicious (YAY) but seriously guilt inducing (NAYYYY).

It was our new housemate Jordan’s birthday the day before Halloween and Bec bought him a pumpkin cake, YAY:


We went out for Jordan’s birthday for a night that would later be known to me as the ‘nose-less night’ thanks to the overzealous flash on my phone. Bec and I wore our Taylor Swift inspired cat ear headbands YAY!

jordan's birthday


I got my nails done to match the jacaranda trees YAY:


And that’s pretty much every single YAY and NAY I can think of up until this very moment that sees me sitting at the kitchen table before work typing this out:


Behind me is the fish tank. I regret to inform you that Paddington, who has been unwell, succumbed to his fishy illness yesterday. He was named after a local mine. Hopefully his demise will not be a reflection of what’s to come for the local resources sector.

Thanks to Jordan for disposing of Paddington, for Bec is scarred from the deaths of our other fish: Princess Sparkles, Ghost and the one with the racing stripe whose name I do not recall.

I’m on the 10am-6pm roster this week but I still got up at 5am to get to the gym this morning (you saw the donuts and cake right?) and so I’m ready really early. I’ve completely lost track of how many YAYs and NAYs there have been. I’m going to assume the YAYs have it.

Tomorrow I’m off to Perth to see BEYONCE. I think we’ll catch up for lunch, then maybe hit the shops? In two weeks I’m headed to Bali for a girls trip! Yeeehaw. Have a great weekend.

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