5 steps to a better mood

A few weeks ago I found myself in one of the worst moods I’ve ever experienced. The funkiest of funks, the stinkiest of stinks. For no reason at all really, I just felt fed up with everything. I try not to get into bad moods because I once lived with someone so moody it took all of my will power not to spit in her coffee.

Thankfully, I was able to shake the funk without resorting to anything drastic (like an entire tray of Slutty Brownies). Here’s a step by step guide:

1 Grab a friend and head outdoors:


Doesn’t that red dirt just sooth your soul?

2 Get your friend to wear a hilarious novelty Christmas sweater/poncho hybrid that you can’t help but smile at:


Later learn that the poncho is in fact not novelty-wear but a very legitimate staple in your friend’s wardrobe, laugh a little (but not too much, that’s mean).

3 Pull some ridiculous poses, scream a little.


I apologise to anyone who heard strange throaty screams coming from the Aboretum a few weeks ago, they were purely therapeutic.

4 Kiss it better


There’s nothing a kiss can’t fix. Just ask a small child with a bruise.

5 Stay for sunset and let the moon remind you how insignificant you and all your problems are:


Teeny tiny! Feel better yet?

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