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Have a Happy Day

I finally updated the blackboard in the kitchen and have thus stopped urging people to have a happy Easter. Now, through the medium of chalk, I’m encouraging people to have a happy day. Speaking of happy, it’s hard not to … Continue reading

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Not Christmas Shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve commenced mine. The answer is: sort of. I’ve been to two local VIP shopping nights, had a lot to eat and drink and then purchased something for myself… … Continue reading

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What to spend your pocket money on this week

Truthfully, this might cost two or three weeks’ pocket money so you might have to forgo the comics and baseball cards for a bit. But it’s worth it. This sterling silver bow bracelet is from the Vintage Stamp Jewels Etsy store … Continue reading

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Wearing My Wardrobe update – The Terrible Truth

Honesty is the best policy, right? It happened. I knew it would. I snapped. Having not bought anything for just over two months, I finally caved on Saturday and bought not one, but two new dresses. I had realised the … Continue reading

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5 Things

The best part of a watermelon is obviously the white part. I get rather upset every summer when I see people waste the crunchiest, most delicious and undoubtedly the most valuable part of said melon. In my experience the further away you … Continue reading

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Lola’s Boutique

(note: try getting through this post without getting Lola stuck in your head) My friend Jo officially launched her boutique last night. Jo and I ‘met’ in typical Gen Y fashion; while tweeting about an earthquake in Kalgoorlie (as opposed … Continue reading

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Beware: Zara Addiction

Excitement for the opening of a Zara store in Melbourne is expected to peak in the next week as the retail giant opens its doors in Bourke Street on the 15th of June (a week from tomorrow!). I won’t pretend … Continue reading

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