5 Things


The best part of a watermelon is obviously the white part. I get rather upset every summer when I see people waste the crunchiest, most delicious and undoubtedly the most valuable part of said melon. In my experience the further away you get from the white flesh, the soggier and crappier the melon. So don’t be a fool, eat the white part- it’s cool! (now there’s a motto sure to take off)

Last night a really old episode of Modern Family came on. The one where Phil Dunphy gives Claire a customised View Master for their anniversary. I always call Phil Dunphy, Phil Dunphy. His name sounds better that way. Anyway, I found the website that makes these awesome View Masters and now I’m tempted to knock over all my Christmas shopping in one hit. View Masters for all! Seriously though, what a cool idea.

We put our Christmas tree up last night. This prompted a conversation about how far fairy lights have come in my lifetime. Remember the big glass ones? One would break and the whole lot were screwed? It made me think about the things in life we just expect will break. Like umbrellas. The lining in your coat pockets. Tights. Headphones.

Nineteenth century underwear is actually really comfortable. The play I’m in requires me to wear Victorian-era drawers. You know, the 3/4 length cotton pantaloons with frilly cuffs? I’m considering stealing them. They are currently hanging on my clothes line. I wonder what the neighbours think.

I need to buy a vacuum cleaner. A fridge. And a washing machine. Just typing those sentences made me yawn. I can’t think of anything more boring than spending money on a vacuum cleaner, except for maybe paying for insurance or car registration. It’s moments when I have to part with cash for mundane items that don’t sparkle and can’t be applied to my face or body that finally make me feel like an adult. How fabulous.

How was your weekend? Internet connection at my house is imminent! x

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