DIY glass jar lanterns

I have a confession: I hoard jars. But not just any jars, certain jalepeno jars specifically. I love their hexagonal shape and have held onto every jar that has graced my fridge for about a year, just waiting to create something amazing. I’m not sure this glass lantern classifies as ‘amazing’ but it’s cute.

It’s super easy, instructions would be pointless. Just get some wire and do some fancy twisting.

They could easily be mini vases. Or coat them in glitter and use them as Christmas decorations? Jars have infinite opportunities at reincarnation, and this Pinterest board of mine proves it.

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s good to be back x

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7 Responses to DIY glass jar lanterns

  1. hahaha was going to do this later on in december 😛

  2. I must say that I have a habit of keeping those certain Jalepeno jars too 😉

  3. Hannah says:

    I thought I was the only one who collected these jalapeno jars! Wow, my mind has been blown! Haha. They are the best shape. Also Bec you’re probably weirded out as my last comment was all, ZOMG I love NYC too, and now I’m all, ZOMG jars. But seriously, you must be my soul mate or something. (I also studied journalism…so..there’s that..) Okay I’m going now.

    • Bec says:

      Jars. NYC. And when I read the posts about your US trip (I did pretty much the exact trip!), particularly the one about San Fran and going to Alcatraz and how good the audio tour was (when you walk down that central corridor in between the cells and you hear all the prisoners calling out and leering at you) it blew. My. Mind. AND we both have fringes?! Just saying…..

      • Hannah says:

        I guess now wouldn’t be the time to tell you I grew my fringe out? But I’ve had MANY fringes in my lifetime. So I guess it’s sorted then…we are the same person.

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