Wardrobe Intervention

So from this angle, things don’t look too bad:


But for the sake of honesty, here is a photo of my wardrobe in all its over packed, overstuffed gluttonous glory:


Ew. If I was wearing trousers I would unbutton the top button because this makes me feel uncomfortably full. Yes there is an unopened ASOS parcel in there, at least four horizontal stripe dresses, jeans all colours of the rainbow, two gold sweaters and some Everlast track suit pants that belonged to my ex ex boyfriend. This photo doesn’t even show the shoes and bags piling up on the floor… This kind of excess is most unsexy.

And I have more clothes at home in Melbourne. Time for action.

Now I could just throw out a bunch of stuff. I could. But I don’t want to, so instead I’m placing a ban on all clothes purchases. For at least 6 months. This weekend I will do an inventory to realistically gauge how long I can go without buying anything new. Could even be 12 months!

Rules. There needs to be a few. For instance, I can still buy underwear. Underwear is a necessity, $60 Pleasure State bras are not. But Target knickers are allowed. Another one; I must not channel my spending elsewhere and start going crazy on makeup and home wares in the absence of clothes purchases. This exercise is not about saving money, but that would be a nice side effect.

I want to do this so I appreciate the items I do have and stop mindlessly adding to piles of unworn clothes. It will be a challenge, because I think I only wear about 20 per cent of my clothes at the moment. So I will be forced to be creative.

One last thing, should I ban myself from shopping at second-hand stores?! Are there any other rules you think I need to implement? Have you ever done an overhaul? Got any tips? Let me know!

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8 Responses to Wardrobe Intervention

  1. Great idea and something i couldn’t commit to at all! I am at an op shop 3 times a week :/ hahaha I think op shops should be allowed once a fortnight! That’s being generous right! ahahha

  2. I follow another blog called The Daily Dress (can’t remember the address for now but it is on wordpress). She has done soemthing similar to this. I think her challenge goes for a year and she has to wear something different every single day.

  3. Laura Liy says:

    You should only be alowed to buy from an opshop the same amount as you donate. So, if you donate 2 dresses and a pair of pants, you can buy 3 things! Then you’ll still be saving money and you wont end up with more! Plus you might get rid of some stuff you never where!

    Great idea! and good luck! Im interested to see how it all goes!

    • Bec says:

      I love this!! Thanks for the advice. I’ve done a bit of a stocktake this week and discovered I’ve got almost 5 times more tops than bottoms… So I might invest in a few more bottoms in the sales and then kick this off Jan 2013 🙂

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