Wardrobe Intervention – Part 2

So this week I moved into the master bedroom (the only perk of losing my housemate Erin to the big smoke) and inherited a ginormous wardrobe. The wardrobe changeover was the perfect opportunity to take stock for my Intervention.

A few surprising discoveries; I have two times more tops than bottoms and I have clothing in every size from 8 to 14 (this shouldn’t really be a surprise…). Both of these things might make my ‘buy nothing new for a year’ project somewhat difficult. But anyway, here’s what I found: 

61 tops – shirts, singlets, tanks etc
29 jackets – blazers, coats, cardigans
27 Dresses
36 bottoms – skirts, shorts, jeans, trousers

This is not including gym wear, basic black singlet tops, underwear, pajamas and a stack of old t shirts I have on hand should I ever need to paint a house (seems perfectly reasonable… right?!).

Wardrobe Intervention

LOVE the handbag shelf.


So, I think with a few strategic ‘staple’ purchases I can definitely go a year without buying new clothes (did I just type that?!). Scary. But I can do it… right?!

And so, Wearing My Wardobe 2013 is born. Rules to come. Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Wardrobe Intervention – Part 2

  1. Jo says:

    Soooo glad I came across your blog. I am a fellow Aussie & also about to embark on a challenge to buy no clothes for 2013 (I don’t have a blog but my hubbie will be keeping me honest!). I also only wear about 20% of my wardrobe & have far too may unworn clothes.

    My only exception is that I can buy underwear & that if I sell any of my clothes on EBay, which I usually do a couple of times a year, I can use the proceeds to buy new clothes.

    Good luck with your challenge. I will be following with interest!


    • Bec says:

      Oh this is perfect, now we can keep each other on track as well! I’ve had a few moments already when I’ve thought ‘why on earth am I doing this?!’ so I’m thinking it might be tough. I’m going to buy a few staple items in the post Christmas sales (before Jan 1) and then that’s it! Make sure you keep me up to date 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    I will do 🙂

    I think it is going to very tough but I’m hoping once I get out of the habit of buying clothes it will get easier?!

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