Guilt free choc ice cream

choc ice cream

I’m going to be frank, this concoction probably doesn’t deserve to be classed in the same category as ice cream, the pinnacle, nay, God of all food stuffs. But if you are trying to eat a little better, which I am, then it’s not a bad alternative. I’ve seen this done on plenty of other blogs, but can’t remember which ones… If it was your blog leave a link!

Just blend a frozen banana with some cocoa and you’re done. The consistency is delicious, like soft serve. I’ve seen it done with maple syrup, peanut butter and other things. Get creative! Or just eat normal ice cream… The choice is yours.


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2 Responses to Guilt free choc ice cream

  1. Vala says:

    just had this for breakfast this morning 🙂 banana “ice cream” with chia seeds and caramel flavored coffee syrup. Will try maple syrup next!

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