Who’s been sleeping in my house?!

I’m going through a bit of a history obsession at the moment and luckily for me, the West Australian Goldfields is abundant with fascinating history. We’ve moved into a very old house and I’m determined to find out when it was built and who lived there.

A friend who lives on my new street said their house was built in 1896, so I’m hoping ours is from about the same year. I’m going to head to the Historical Society soon to do a bit of digging, but in the meantime I’ve found out a bit about a man who lived in our exact house in 1937:

Victoria Street no address

I blurred out the street number, so I don’t get mobbed by crazed fans. Obviously.

Sounds like a normal Saturday night out to me! I wonder if Sydney slept in my room or Bec’s room? I also wonder where the Majestic Cafe was.

This article is from the Western Argus newspaper. I found it by trawling the Trove website, which is an amazing online resource put together by the National Library of Australia. You can search old newspapers, diaries, photos, archives, maps and much more.

This is really fun! Can’t wait to find out more. Do you know who lived in your house before you?

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5 Responses to Who’s been sleeping in my house?!

  1. Simone P says:

    The Majestic Cafe was what is now Rivers, the store was split in 2 – theatre one side ( entry to Rivers) and the cafe on the other 🙂

  2. Fiona says:

    I love Trove. Here is a Majestic link and pic for you… http://www.ammpt.asn.au/CinemaWEB/SITE/view.php?rec_id=0000000309

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