Melbourne is freezing

Not in recent memory, nor in the 22ish years that I called Melbourne home, can I recall such hideous weather.

I guess I’ve been lucky?!

I arrived on Friday evening and got up early on Saturday to go for a run with Dad. After the trauma of running with him as a child and being left for dead it was nice to find I’m fitter and faster than him. Even if he is 60 and I’m 25…


After coconut rice porridge for breakfast at Mr Hendricks I ventured over to Port Melbourne to have lunch with Tarn and Kate at the Salford Lads Club.


We did some shopping at Chadstone and it was busy and horrible. I forgot what malls are like. But I did get some amazing over-the-knee suede boots from Wittner, $100 off.

We celebrated with guacamole and red wine.


Then headed into the city to meet Kate. I don’t remember where we went but we had espresso martinis.

Followed by vodkas and jam donut shots at the Toff?! I don’t think I’ve ever had a jam donut so I have no idea what inspired that order.


By about 2am Tarn and I were done so we stopped by Swanston Street Macdonalds and got home with a car from Uber. It was so convenient, screw taxis.

The next day was, unsurprisingly, a massive struggle. Uggghhhh.

Eventually I managed to drive 2 hours north to Mum’s house and collapse into bed at 5pm. Having not suffered a hangover in about a year it was a huge shock to the system.

I devoured a massive breakfast the next day.

And then Mum and I headed to the art gallery at Benalla to check out the Nudes.



We went out for lunch, did some shopping and we’re just getting warm and toasty back at home when the power went out.
It stayed out for about 2 hours during which time the house started resemble the inside of a Catholic Church. Thankfully mum has a thing for candles.

The following day was when the most hideous weather took place, the Yarra broke its banks in the city, an island bar disappeared and wind whipped around at 100km per hour. It was very Wizard of Oz.

Mum and I stayed indoors at made moussaka for me to take back to Melbourne. It was delicious and if I could figure out how to add the link on my mobile, I would put it here.


The next day I rugged up and headed I to the city to meet Dad for lunch.

We had Japanese at a place called Hanabishi. It was delicious.

I then took the Sky Bus to the airport to meet my boyfriend for the next leg of the trip: Tasmania! A place even more cold and beautiful than Melbourne. More to come.


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5 Responses to Melbourne is freezing

  1. Such a lovely sneak peek into your weekend, family time is always the best…hangovers are never fun though -my tip is to drag your sorry ass out of bed and get running – it feels utterly horrendous but gets all those pesky toxins out the body!
    x x x

  2. mils says:

    Hey meant to ask you, you know the coconut rice porridge that you had a couple of times? Well I’ve been drooling at the thought of it. Can you check out this recipe: and tell me if you think that would be the same thing?? Please. Thank you 🙂

    • Bec says:

      Hey Mils, in my other Melbourne post there is a photo of the coconut rice porridge right at the bottom
      The stuff on top is ‘banana jam’ (and nuts). I think it would be similar to the recipe you posted, only perhaps with brown sugar, because it’s darker in colour. I reckon the cardamom and vanilla are probably spot on. No desiccated coconut and obviously no mango and lime 🙂 I hope that helps! Let me know how it goes, I will be keen to make it if yours is a success!

      • mils says:

        Oh oops! Right you are – there is a photo. In my defence sometimes I read your blog off my phone and the photos are slow to download and i dont see them all. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 🙂 :). I will let you know how I go with it.

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