Things that happened on the weekend

Friday night

I risked fracturing a very new, very young relationship by showing my true colours and throwing the mother of all tantrums when Carlton lost to Geelong by less than a goal in the dying moments of the game. Think loud huffing, swearing and one instance of throwing my spectacles at the couch. Promptly went to sleep afterwards (the only thing that could numb my pain, also tantrums are exhausting) next to a very patient man.


Woke at 5am when said patient man needed to head to work and went home and passed out for a few more hours. The previous evening a distant memory, I rose and headed out for breakfast.


Mmmm French toast

With this lovely lady and fellow member of the #girlgang.



Also known as Em. After breakfast we went shopping and I purchased my seventh or eighth horizontal black and white striped dress. Seems reasonable.


“I don’t have anything like this”

After that I slogged it out at the gym, showered and went to the house of Lauren and Dave, where Em is house sitting at the moment. Lauren and Dave are currently traversing part of the continent of Africa, hey guys!

Em fluffed up my hair to fit the brief of ‘mid western American local politicians wife’ that I so often strive (and fail) at.


In the bathroom of Lauren and Dave (before the fluffing).

We attended a dinner that I gushed over on my blog yesterday.




Panna cotta

After dinner I experimented with some terrible nightclub photography on the Gold Bar dance floor.


Claire’s soul trying to escape her body like it ain’t no thang.


In the pink.


Not pictured; the consumption of ‘special fries’ (fries with sour cream, cheese and bacon) in the wee hours, the subsequent Hungry Jacks’ breakfast a few hours afterwards, cleaning my entire house from top to toe whilst listening to Fleetwood Mac, declining an invitation to See The Fault in Our Stars for fear of excessive public crying and my very average ‘throw leftovers from the fridge in a pan and hope for the best’ dinner.

The end 

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4 Responses to Things that happened on the weekend

  1. Embraham says:

    A damn good weekend! Maybe I should put “hair fluffer” on my resume?

  2. Phil Dolan says:

    A late comment. You shouldn’t worry about the ‘new relationship’. He grew up outnumbered by women who threw wobblies all the time.

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