Thistle Cove

Tell me something; why would you go to Scarborough, Bondi or St Kilda when you could have all of this to yourself?


Granted, Thistle Cove is a good 770 kilometres from the nearest capital city (Perth) and you will have to share the beach with a few other people:


But you will get to while away the hours on an inflatable tube in the waves (just be sure to tuck your legs in when a big wave comes or you’ll tumble in the washing machine-esque sea).


And play on the sand.





When it gets too windy, you can just find another beach (and check out a giant rock on the way).


Just around the corner is Lucky Bay, where the famous photos of kangaroos on the sand are from.


I’ve never seen a kangaroo on the beach there before, until…

I saw one in the car park! Just as good… sort of.


He was the friendly sort. Most of the Esperance locals are.



Two Australian icons in one photo (me not included)


After our furry encounter we spent the rest of the afternoon on Hellfire Bay, swimming and sunning and snacking.

Long live summer.

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4 Responses to Thistle Cove

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Wow Bec, The sky is so blue, just fantastic. One day you need to consider creating a book of all your photos from your travels. A photographic journey in words and pictures. It would sell heaps.

  2. Oh Hey! Blog says:

    They are the clearest beaches I have ever seen…. you sure do find some great spots!

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