Lunch at Yirri Grove, Esperance

Living in regional Australia often means returning to the same places to eat and drink over and over again. Unless you live in the Yarra Valley or Margaret River, in which case I commend you on your excellent life choices. I’m jealous.

Anyway, in Esperance it’s especially exciting to have somewhere new to go when the clouds have forced you off the beach and you find yourself with an afternoon to fill.

This was the case on Saturday when we went to Yirri Grove for a late lunch. Yirri Grove is a local olive and olive oil producer that has just opened its doors for lunch. It is located short drive outside the town (we followed a mud map on their Facebook page) and along the way you will pass idyllic, albeit a little dry, farmland.


Owner Anne warmly greeted us and we started by ordering a tasting plate so we could see just how good the olives are.


The tasting plate. There is dukkah and relish hiding under the lettuce.

They were delicious. But I’m biased, I love olives! Especially ones infused with delicious add-ons like chilli and lemon.


The chicken

Onto lunch, Emily ordered the chicken.


My pizza

I had the salmon pizza, which was amazing!

Bec and Scott had the Angus beef. I had mild food envy.


Look at those smug faces with their Angus beef 😉

We also purchased some takeaway iteams to enjoy later.


Some dukkah.


And the connoisseur olives, which I think are the best.


I plan on returning in a few weeks when we will bring visitors to Esperance. Next time I won’t make the mistake of ordering the smallest item on the menu! I had a brain fail and didn’t notice it was half the price of everything else and hence, would be smaller.

Seriously delicious. Make sure you pop in if you’re in the area.

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8 Responses to Lunch at Yirri Grove, Esperance

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Olives are something else I cant stop eating them. It is in my blood however because my dads family come from a village in Malta called Zebbug. Zebbug means olive in Maltese. Try them floating in olive oil with hot crusty bread, like a Vienna loaf. Rip the bread hold with the crust soak in the oil and then grab a pitted olive and squeeze it between the crust Yummo.

  2. Fiona Hawke says:

    Love olives. If they don’t deliver to Kalgoorlie I may need to give you a shopping list. 🙂

  3. courtalkek says:

    That pizza looks amazingggg!

  4. Jess Carey says:

    You had me at “olives and olive oil”…. all of your Instagram photos are giving me serious Esperance envy, I need to find an excuse to visit!

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