Don’t Hate On Hipsters

So it seems hipster-bashing is the new black.

Need proof? Being a Dickhead’s Cool,, From Cool to Tool, How much hipster can you pack in a Jazz.

I wonder if anyone quick to mock hipster ways have ever considered the struggle hipsters endure to maintain their hipness on a daily basis. If they have and continue to mock, that’s just cruel. For example, have you ever considered the time and effort required to:

– assemble the perfect facial expression combining disinterest, wry amusement and enigmatic hip allure instead of just smiling in photographs
– constantly find a new place to drink at the first sign of people with non-ironic tattoos and/or facial hair; who wear suits to work; who listen to triple J; who wear t-shirts with words on them
– use vintage polaroid cameras and source expensive out of production film instead of using a point and shoot digital camera
– wear a bowler hat/empty oversize ‘Hey Dad’ frames/anything librarians would wear circa 1994 and not laugh out loud should they catch a glimpse of themselves in a reflective surface
– maintain thighs svelte enough to fit into skinny jeans whilst pedalling around on a fixed gear bike all day

Hipsters lives are really hard. In the interests of understanding and unity, I propose that tomorrow, Monday May 23 be ‘Help out a Hipster Day’. A day where us regular, less culturally aware people recognise and address the hardships endured by hipsters and offer to assist them. Some suggestions are:

– Offer to buy a hipster a drink (don’t bother if Fat Yak or Little Creatures isn’t on tap though)
– Offer to give a hipster a lift up Sydney Road on the handlebars of your bike (a Gemini Star mountain bike you’ve had since you were 13, don’t expect them to accept your offer, it’s the thought that counts)
– Help a hipster come up with the perfect indie band name for their 5 piece synth band (I shotgun the use of Stockholm Sticky Tape), you could even help design a gig poster, anything with a big triangle will do the trick

Or you could adopt a hipster trend for the day:

I’m doing my bit.

(Images curtesy of & Sophie Turnbull)

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1 Response to Don’t Hate On Hipsters

  1. SP Nilo says:

    You’re right. Every body is in on hipster-bashing now. I’d never even heard the term ‘hipster-bashing’ when I started bashing hipsters. HBing has totally lost any hipness it once had.
    Should we make the existential leap into hipster-basher-bashing?

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