DIY Luxe Home Accessory

I am OBSESSED with DIY blogs at the moment. Especially PS.- I made this… and a pair & a spare.  So I decided to try my hand at a ‘luxe home accessory’ as seen on PS.-I made this.

1. First I bought this teddybear money bank from Vinnies for $3 and some silver spray paint for $4.50 from a junk shop. Then I lay down a useless part of The Age to protect the driveway (I chose a page with a picture of shadow treasurer Joe Hockey struggling to push a child up a hill in a pram, but you can choose whatever is useless to you)

2. I paused for a moment and remembered how I had an identical terracotta teddybear money bank with a red bow as a child. Then I considered maybe it was the very same teddybear money bank and that fate had brought us together again some 17 years later. I considered not spray painting the teddybear money bank as surely that would be like giving fate The Finger. Then I sprayed it anyway.

3. Voila! New and improved Silver Ted takes pride of place guarding my messy jewellery collection. Tip: consider wearing gloves while using spray paint, unless you like silver fingers… and silver fingerprints on your camera.

Now all I need to master is how to make a doll into a wine glass in 23 quick steps
(First two images curtesy of PS.- I made this…)

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2 Responses to DIY Luxe Home Accessory

  1. Alissa says:

    Ok….first….your blog post made me want to cry….because I’ve been looking for a teddy bear piggy bank matching the one you spray painted silver for over a year now and never managed to find more than a picture of one (the picture was for sale on some website image provider site..) for my second son Barrett. I grew up with one with a yellow bow and gave it to my first son when he was born. So I was devasted to see it painted silver….

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me contact info to this “Vinnies” and if you would know if they still have them for sale…I cannot find them ANYWHERE…and I’d love to give one to my son for his 1st birthday…

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