Yesterday I bought this clock from Vinnies (an Op Shop, Thrift/Second Hand store) for $5. Isn’t it adorable?!
As a child I envisaged having a red one of these which would wake me every morning with its obnoxious ring and I would slam my hand down on top of it to shut it up, just like in the movies.
I’m not exactly living the dream as this clock only works sporadically (it’s been stuck on 5:30 for a while now), but from the loudness of the tick I can imagine waking-up to the alarm would be a rather frightening experience.

Unfortunately the sporadic ticking is enough to remind me that I now have less than 1 week to submit 2,500 words on media coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict so it is with the willpower I should have mustered up weeks ago that I log out of facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’ and WordPress.

Wish me luck!

Wait a sec, apparently I don’t need to do my essay because the world is ending tomorrow, phew!

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