Gender Bender

Today I try: Androgynous Fashion;

Androgynous /adj./ 1. Being both male and female; hermaphroditic 2. having both masculine and feminine characteristics 3. having an ambiguous sexual identity

I can’t say i’ve ever attempted to be sartorially ‘hermaphroditic’ before. I usually try to walk the fine line between pleasantly feminine and uber girly (meaning I wear dresses and skirts but generally steer clear of florals). So today I busted out of my comfort zone and tried to tap into my masculine side. The result? To be honest I felt a little ‘box-y’ wearing a blazer with a shirt. Might try it again with some tweaking.

On the bright side I discovered a necklace my sister bought second-hand for a costume and was throwing out goes perfectly with a ring I bought from the Grand Bizarre in Istanbul. Silver lining.

(First Image Source: Armani)

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1 Response to Gender Bender

  1. Sarah says:

    I want my necklace back! (said in the manner of ‘i want my pink shirt back!’)

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