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My Top 5 Break-Up Songs

Ahh the break-up song, listened to on repeat for hours… The following 5 aren’t necessarily the best break-up songs, but they all resonate strongly with me and a certain relationship. I prefer an empowering break-up song, one that makes me … Continue reading

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‘Last Friday Night’ and other Fake Anthems

You know anthems. The songs that, despite location- from humble local pubs to seedy super clubs, despite audience and levels of inebriation seem infallible in their ability to incite loud singing, fist pumping, finger pointing, head banging excitement from The … Continue reading

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How 1990’s pop music videos gave me unrealistic expectations of love

During the golden era of blond bubblegum pop- what I like to call Britney/Christina/Mandy/Jessica-madness (Spears, Aguilera, Moore, Simpson, respectively), through the dissemination of moving images set to music girls of a certain age (i’m going to say 8-14) came to … Continue reading

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