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My Top 5 Break-Up Songs

Ahh the break-up song, listened to on repeat for hours… The following 5 aren’t necessarily the best break-up songs, but they all resonate strongly with me and a certain relationship. I prefer an empowering break-up song, one that makes me … Continue reading

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Lana Del Rey

I have been listening to Lana Del Ray’s ‘Video Games’ all week non stop. I find this song so eerily beautiful. And I love the video’s references to the Hollywood dream gone wrong. Also Lana is a babe.

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How 1990’s pop music videos gave me unrealistic expectations of love

During the golden era of blond bubblegum pop- what I like to call Britney/Christina/Mandy/Jessica-madness (Spears, Aguilera, Moore, Simpson, respectively), through the dissemination of moving images set to music girls of a certain age (i’m going to say 8-14) came to … Continue reading

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