Up the garden path

My Mum lives about two hours north of Melbourne near the Strathbogie Ranges. Ned Kelly country. I love visiting there. It’s so pretty and peaceful and there is always good food involved.

Yes I am wearing tweed, it’s the country. Mum has plenty of chickens, Henny Penny, Florence and Beatrice are the only ones that spring to mind though…

Here is my sister making fun of me by posing with oranges. The garden has the best orange and lemon trees.

This scarecrow is a recent addition. Don’t know what it does for the crows but I find it downright petrifying. My sister obviously doesn’t. (note: she does in fact have two legs)

Garden fresh eggs.

This is Charlie. Mum rescued him from life in a dark shed. He’s a real sweetheart.

With a perfect ballerina turn-out.

Do you like visiting the country? Or are you strictly city?

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9 Responses to Up the garden path

  1. awwww look at his ballerina turnout! The country is my favourite place. I will have to get down to visit that neck of the woods soon though! x

  2. T-dog says:

    I really want to meet Charlie!!!

  3. Am a country girl but love visiting the city. Sweet dog! My neighbour has one that is almost identical – funnily enough the neighbour is called Charlie šŸ™‚ (dog is called Tutu)

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