The twilight zone

Considering I no longer have a job, I’ve been pretty slack at updating this blog! I’m kind of in this weird in between phase, a twilight zone, if you will. I’ve left my life/home/job in Kal and I’m not yet on the road. I’ve been having a lovely time catching up with people though.


These photos were taken at sunset at Mt Wombat lookout in the Strathbogie Ranges, in north eastern Victoria.



Charlie at sunset

You get a 360 degree view of ‘one quarter of Victoria’, depending on who you ask.



So what else? I’ve mostly been getting ready to fly to LA next week (next week! That’s crazy!), doing boring things like getting vaccinations and other various life admin. Also I bought a GoPro! Exciting. Tomorrow I’m flying to Tasmania for the weekend. What are you up to?

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1 Response to The twilight zone

  1. Jess Carey says:

    Gorgeous shots, perfect way to remember Australia before you head off 🙂 You must be getting SO EXCITED!!! I’m getting excited for you! hehe

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