Getting ready to fly

It’s almost crunch time folks. Tomorrow we fly out of the country, not that my brain has accepted that as a fact yet.

I’m down to two suitcases of belongings now, one of which is staying behind at mum’s house. I’ve started buying stuff to take away, which after saving money for so long feels a bit naughty.

I bought a GoPro:


We’re going to be doing a lot of hiking, water sports etc so I lashed out and bought one. I really enjoyed using a friends’ GoPro in Coral Bay so I know what I’m in for. I promise my underwater photography won’t be that bad… hopefully.

Andrew very kindly bought me a Kindle:


I bought him one for Christmas, even though he didn’t want it. Now he’s obsessed. I just need to load up some books! Any recommendations?

I had my first experience at Daiso yesterday! If you haven’t been it’s a Japanese shop where everything is $2.80. Everything. And they sell everything. I bought a packet of markers and some velcro straps to keep cords tidy. Random.  



I bought the markers because Mum brought me back an amazing colouring book from London:


I’ve been meaning to buy a colouring book (one for adults!) since reading that it’s really good for relaxing. This one if pretty intricate, far more grown up 😉


Such a great alternative to staring at my countless devices for hours.

So what else? I’ve been vaccinated, organised travel money cards, suspended memberships, printed boarding passes, bought insurance and packed (mostly). I feel scarily organised… So I’m just waiting for something I’ve forgotten to rear its ugly head.

I’ve had excellent farewell meals and catch ups. I feel ready to go, except it really hasn’t hit me! Maybe on the plane.

Speak to you from LA!

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10 Responses to Getting ready to fly

  1. Bon Voyage, have a grand and safe adventure and don’t forget to post a blog with some photos every so often. Ciao for now – Patrick

  2. Lynneandamy says:

    So exciting! Au revoir! Will look forward to you keeping us updated. Be safe and happy.

  3. theharridiaries says:

    So exciting Bec! I love the idea of a colouring book btw, where did your mum get it? I want one haha.

  4. Jess Carey says:

    OMG Daiso… how great is it?! 😀 I’m also a dork with an adults colouring book, and they are seriously so therapeutic and relaxing, enjoy it! And enjoy the epic journey over there, I’m so excited for you and CANNOT wait to hear about all of the adventures!!

    Also, for a book recommendation, seeing as you’re visiting New Orleans, I’d highly recommend NINE LIVES by Dan Baum!

    • Bec says:

      Thank you! I love reading books set in the places you’re in while traveling, it’s the best. Can’t believe I only managed to get in one trip to Daiso… Maybe that’s a good thing! I could spend a lot of time and money in there, $2.80 does add up haha.
      Can’t wait to try out all your amazing recommendations, thanks Jess 🙂

  5. Oh Hey! Blog says:

    THE most exciting bit… all the nerves and anticipation. Your mum is amazing, I love colouring in and find it completely relaxing. What a fantastic idea (especially for plane trips) to give your eyes a rest from all the ipads/iphones/movies etc. Have a fantastic trip!!!!

    Megan ||

    • Bec says:

      Thanks so much Megan! And you’re right, my mum is amazing. Currently at Auckland airport in transit, all smooth sailing so far 🙂 have a lovely weekend!

  6. courtalkek says:

    Daiso is the best! I bought random little bowls and dishes there to store/display my jewelry- can’t beat the prices. I need an adult coloring book now!! I can’t wait to read about your American adventures.

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