5 obscure things I’m looking forward to in the USA

In case you missed it, I quit my job to travel indefinitely. First stop: USA.


1. CVS and Duane Reade

American pharmacies are something else. For one thing, they sell beer and just about everything under the sun. The cosmetics are really cheap and without wanting to paint myself in a terrible light they have the best over the counter medicines. Like painkillers combined with caffeine (hello hangover cure). Amcal lift your game.

2. Chopped salads

On my last visit to the States I loved that when you order a salad, you can get it chopped. Basically it just means that after the salad is assembled someone runs a couple of knives back and forward through the food so that it comes in manageable bite sized pieces. Oh the convenience!

3. Salt water taffy

A large part of my excitement for travel is dedicated to food and food alone. Especially burgers, pulled pork, waffles, southern bbq, wings, Mexican food etc etc. But to be fair you can get most of that (on a more average scale) in Australia. What I’ve never seen here is salt water taffy. I fell in love with it last time I was in the US. We had it for the first time in San Diego and then went back for more and more. We also ate it on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, just like Carrie did in SATC. It’s gooey and delicious and comes in a million flavours.

4. Southern accents

I’ve never been to any of the southern states before, so when we get there I’m considering pretending to be illiterate just so I can get the locals to read out everything to me in that delightful southern twang. Menus, bus timetables, random signs, everything. One of my favourite pastimes (much to the chagrin of my boyfriend) is to put on a southern accent and say “I do declare” as well as other ye olde things from Gone with the Wind. I used to watch Hart of Dixie, for the accents alone. Unfortunately hearing my favourite accent makes me mimic it back which I know is seriously irritating for other people. Whatever.

5. Shooters

For three and a half years I’ve lived in a town where the antisocial behaviour problem has led to tough liquor restrictions which dictate no shots/shooters can be served anywhere. None of the pubs will do them. So bring on the shooters! Followed by the caffeine pain killers from CVS.

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7 Responses to 5 obscure things I’m looking forward to in the USA

  1. I love hearing the things you’re excited about. As far as the salads go- you should check out the chain Salata. They have the best chopped salads. I’m so excited for you to check out the south! But please don’t check out any bus timetables (at least not in Texas, not sure about other places). Public transportation is COMPLETELY different than in Australia and will probably not give you the best impression. You’re better off sticking to Ubers or cabs to get around.

    • Laura says:

      I second this about the public transport…it’s horrible at best and nonexistent at worst in most cities. Also, I do miss CVS type pharmacies living here in Australia, especially the cheap makeup!

    • Bec says:

      I think we’ve decided we will definitely hire a car for all of the South! Is it the transport within cities or between cities that are bad? I’ve taken Greyhound buses between DC, New York and Boston and they were fine.

  2. Jess Carey says:

    Great list! I also fell in love with the Southern accents in New Orleans!

  3. I had missed it! How bloody exciting!! I love USA and have spent a fair amount of time there – feel free to tell out of you want any ideas / tips! I actually just booked my next trip there yesterday!

  4. Liz Swanna says:

    I am off to the States in October and I think 90% of my excitement is centered around having *real* New York bagels again 🙂

  5. sabinecausey says:

    My husband is from the South (but he doesn’t have an accent). It’s a great place with one of the friendliest people on this planet. Ya’ll have grat fun!

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