Good Friday


Andrew changed the settings on my camera and made everything look psychedelic



Good Friday means two things to me: hot cross buns and no shops open. So today we’ve eaten great food, been for a walk and watched most of season two of House of Cards. Perfect.


Aren’t the flowers beautiful? Andrew sent them to me for our first anniversary yesterday. They looked great with the bunnies.


The hot cross buns are from a local bakery and are soooo good.


Especially with freshly ground coffee:


And lashings of butter:


What are your plans for Easter? Have you eaten hot cross buns? An American friend of mine living in Aus commented on a photo I posted on Facebook asking what the buns were, are they not a thing in the States?! Update: have a look at this article from The Guardian on Saturday Why hasn’t America embraced Easter’s chocolate and alcohol binge?

A few Easter links:

These 24 terrifying Easter bunnies might give you nightmares

Chocolate prices to double as world runs out of cocoa excuse me?

Should we only eat hot cross buns at Easter?

5 reasons Easter is better than Christmas – ok this is a link to my own blog… but I think you’ll find my arguments compelling and become an Easter convert before too long.

Also check out my lunch:


The. Best.

Not pictured: gin and tonics. Have a great Easter!

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10 Responses to Good Friday

  1. I googled it, seems to not be popular in the US. (Although cities like New York City sells them.) We have cinnamon raisin bread, maybe that’s something similar?

    • Bec says:

      Cinnamon raisin bread is probably far better… But yes, similar! Although they don’t have the white crosses on the top that are meant to symbolise the cross that Jesus was put on on Good Friday… Heavy!

  2. Jess Carey says:

    You lucky lady! Beautiful flowers and hot cross buns and lazy TV days – you’ve certainly got the right idea! And happy anniversary, hope there are many more to come 🙂

  3. courtalkek says:

    Haha my husband asked me yesterday “what are cross buns? I keep seeing things about hot cross buns everywhere.” So yeah, not a thing in the US although there is a song about them that every elementary school student learns to play on the recorder.

    • Bec says:

      Is that the ‘one a penny, two a penny hot cross buns’ song?! Worst! I read an interesting article on The Guardian website just now about how Americans don’t really do Easter (I put the link in the post above), I had no idea!!

      • courtalkek says:

        I just read it. We definitely celebrate Easter, kids get Easter baskets and take pictures with a giant bunny and people typically get Good Friday off of work. It’s just more of a religious holiday than a commercial one. People that aren’t Christians don’t observe it.

      • Bec says:

        That’s one thing I’ve never seen here; the photos with the giant bunny! That’s more of a Christmas thing you do with Santa I think.

      • courtalkek says:

        Yeah I think it’s a little creepy! And yes, that’s the song. It’s the worst and you will probably have it stuck in your head all day now.

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