30 things I’ve thrown out recently


Destined for the thrift shop… Why did I ever think a neon perspex clutch would be cool?!

A little while ago I blogged about minimalism and how it spoke to me. Well it’s speaking even louder now that I’m leaving behind all my possessions to travel. I am getting rid of just about everything I own, either selling it, giving it away/to charities or throwing it out. I have two 23kg bags to take home on the plane to Melbourne and that’s it. Just me plus 46kg, which actually seems like a lot when I put it that way…

If you are on your own quest to live with less (perhaps in a slightly less drastic fashion than me) here are 30 things I promise you won’t miss:

1. Bank statements
2. Old nail polishes
3. Christmas and birthday cards
4. Pajamas you never wear
5. Shoes you are never getting re-soled
6. All those sad single socks
7. Paid bills
8. Dead pens
9. Half finished powder compacts
10. Crazy coloured lipsticks
11. Outdated medical scripts
12. Faded black singlet tops
13. Clothes that are too small
14. Clothes that are too big
15. Clothes you bought from Target that fit awkwardly
16. Books that hold no sentimental value
17. Postcards
18. Ticket stubs for the scrapbook you are never making
19. Costume jewellery you don’t wear
20. Itchy scarves
21. Saggy swimwear
22. Neon workout clothes
23. Receipts you don’t need
24. Sad bras and underwear
25. Mini hotel/airline toiletries
26. Coat hangers
27. Stained clothes
28. The USB cables for cameras and phones you no longer own
29. Bags and clutches you never use
30. Old shopping bags

Warning: getting rid of things becomes seriously addictive.

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2 Responses to 30 things I’ve thrown out recently

  1. Jess Carey says:

    Ohhh YES! I have set aside a day this Easter long weekend to do the same thing now!

  2. SimpleLivingOver50 says:

    It may be addictive, but it feels so good.

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