Birthday: 26

It was my birthday on Monday. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so spoilt in my life. 26 is going to be a good year!

The celebrations started on Sunday, after a sluggish start thanks to the Double Denim and Joggers party. I had some friends over for pizza and punch, it was really low key and relaxing, which was just what I was hoping for.

I had planned to have Mosco Mules but oddly, no one was craving vodka. So we had virgin Mules with ginger beer, mint, lime, and sugar syrup.


I made my Oreo Cheesecake again.


And my housemate Bec whipped up a bunch of her delicious pizzas.


Lauren and Em got me this gorgeous crown ring:



Bec and Claire got me these earrings, a really gorgeous beaded top from Zara, a bangle and have booked high tea (which hilariously, comes with a side of tarot reading!) for when we are in Bali in October.


Monday was my actual birthday and it was also day one of Diggers and Dealers, a massive annual mining conference here in Kalgoorlie. It goes for three days and is probably the most hectic (and most fun) time of the year.

So on Monday morning a bunch of us went off to catch the keynote address in the media room (they have this amazing room with wifi, a live stream of all the presentations, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea set up for journalists, amazing) and when I got back there was a bunch of flowers and a box of Lindt on my desk.

I was very surprised. They were from my boyfriend, Andrew. We are heading to Karinjini National Park next month for my birthday/a getaway, I can’t wait.

me and flowers


I’m not really accustomed to receiving flowers at work, or anywhere. My colleague Bec (who is also the aforementioned housemate) went through a period of receiving flowers from her boyfriend Scotty all the time last year, and I remember looking hopefully at the delivery person every single time. They were never for me!

But that wasn’t the case on Monday.

Before the excitement of the first bunch wore off, Lauren and Em very sweetly turned up with a bouquet.

flowers em and lauren

Stunning. And hand delivered. Amazing.

I then went back to conference HQ and amidst all the action I got a call from a delivery person trying to drop off flowers. “You already delivered them!” I said. But no, it was another bunch. This time from my gorgeous Mum.

So at this point my desk looked like a florist. Or like a roadside memorial site.

flowers in jars


After a busy day, Bec and I got ready and headed to a cocktail party hosted by one of the conference exhibitors and took part in a round of blind wine tastings. Despite the pompous older gentlemen in our group being certain they could discern the Cab Sav from the Cab Merlot our group failed miserably.

At 8pm I went to have dinner with my fellow birthday twin Dave, as well as Lauren, Anthea, Scott and Andrew. We went to an Italian place called Danny’s that was packed with conference delegates.

I had bruschetta for entree.


Topped with delicious goats cheese

Followed by beef cheek gnocchi.


Mmmm cheeky.

And sticky date pudding for dessert. There was cheesecake on the menu, but I’m (slowly) learning that there is such thing as too much cheesecake.


Exhausted, I collapsed into bed at midnight a year older. I think 26 might be my best year yet.

Thanks to everyone who made it special.

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2 Responses to Birthday: 26

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Bec sounds like you had the most wonderful of days. As I read I could feel the joy jump off the page. As an old Pizzaolo ( I used to own a restaurant in the 1990’s) your friends pizza looked sensational. As did the Beef Cheek Gnocchi. Happy Birthday. Ciao for now, Patrick

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