I live in the land of ridiculous sunsets

On my evening run last Thursday I was heading over a bridge facing this:

Sunset two

Looking south east

‘Pink waves!’ I thought, ‘how pretty’.

Then I turned around, looked in the opposite direction and saw this:


Looking north west (no filter!)

Jaw dropping, eye-searingly beautiful.

We are very spoilt with sunsets in this part of the world, especially in winter. I don’t know what causes them or if perhaps the chemicals from the nearby smelters* play a hand, but they are incredible. And the photos barely do them justice.

(*I watched Erin Brockovich yesterday, so I’m probably in a bit of a pessimistic mood regarding the chemicals pumped into the air by local companies)

I’m recovering from a cold still.

Have you seen my list of amazing global sunsets yet?


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6 Responses to I live in the land of ridiculous sunsets

  1. LFFL says:

    What gorgeous skies!!

  2. Fiona Hawke says:

    I usually miss all these beautiful sunsets as we are inside working. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Tegan says:

    Pollution would actually make your sunsets less pretty – I can’t remember all the sciencey science behind it, but haze caused by pollution sort of smudges and dulls sunset colours and makes them less vibrant. the cleaner your air, the brighter and prettier your sunsets. And they’re better in winter because the air is drier, I think. There was a good article about it on the national geographic website in the last year or so.

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