5 hilarious things from around the internet this week


This list of 21 Simple Hacks That Will Significantly improve your life (like the one above).

Rap tshirts for white people Why are we all so lame?!

This bizarrely detailed step-by-step guide on how to stop a wedding (bookmark, just in case).

This awesome (and amusing) viral video of a cat saving its boy owner from a dog attack (you have probably already seen this).

This video of 5 ways to know how you’re watching a Spielberg film (I’ll never be able to watch one without looking for these again).

IT’S FRIDAY! Welcome to the weekend my friend. Got any plans? I got some. In other news this little blog turned THREE YEARS OLD yesterday! I know! Crazy.

In other news again today I waved at a small child and he made a gun with his hand and ‘shot’ me. Read into that what you will.

Got any links? To something funny? To your blog? Add ’em below. And have a wonderful weekend x

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