What it feels like to be hypnotised

Yesterday Bec and I were hypnotised by renowned hypnotist Matthew Hale on live radio. We volunteered ourselves for the segment on the Mornings program a week ago and were really excited until it actually dawned on us that we had no idea what would be involved. I think you can sense the apprehension in this photo:


Anyway, after a relatively normal morning at work Matthew and his crew arrived to do an ‘induction’ before we went into the studio. This involved him getting us to relax and focus on things like the weight of our hands on our lap, or on our feet. It was a lot like meditating. He would also count backwards, each time getting us to relax further into hypnosis. And it turns out hypnosis actually feels really good! He ‘brought us back’ and we headed into the studio,  and this is what happened (thanks to Nat who filmed this on my phone)…

You are aware of what is happening, it’s kind of like you are in a daydream and anything suggested to you just makes sense. So it made sense to us to laugh away. And I genuinely thought Kirstyn reading the weather was utterly hilarious… Afterwards I felt really relaxed and kind of tired.

Last night we went to see Matthew’s 90 minute show at the Arts Centre and it was incredible. He hypnotised about 20 people and the things they said and did were beyond amazing. Bec and I recognised a lot of what he was saying and as we was doing the induction with the volunteers on stage I actually started to feel myself relaxing into it. If I felt tired after 5 minutes of being hypnotised I have no idea how these guys must have felt after a full 90 minutes!

If you have the chance to be hypnotised or see a legit hypnotist show definitely do it. The only disappointment was that apparently people sleep really well after being hypnotised, I did not. My insomnia lives on, 6 months and counting…

And no, he didn’t have us or anyone clucking like chickens.

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