Sibling Rivalry


(Thanks to Mum for the above matching batik pattern two-piece ensembles) 

I was reading an article on Mamamia today about sibling rivalry, particularly between sisters. So I took a little trip down memory lane. As a general rule my sister, who is three years older, and I got along pretty well as children.

But when we were growing up, the list of things I was jealous my sister had that I didn’t included (but was not limited to) the following:

– Appendicitis
– Major surgery and its associated gifts, flowers, time off school and attention
– A leg injury and its associated full leg cast, gifts, flowers, time off school and attention
– Sharp academic abilities and entry into a selective entry school
– Athletic prowess on the basketball court
– A lower Body Mass Index
– A tertiary enter score in the high 90s
– A law degree (that one is probably too recent to be classed as childhood jealousy…)

As far as I was concerned, she got everything and I got nothing. And it was SO unfair. She was the Dottie and I was the Kit. Ha! With the benefit of hindsight I am rather pleased that I wasn’t the first born and didn’t have to suffer through the tough parenting era. I was a better nagger and generally ended up with more presents. Plus I was more successful as a tween model.

But I will never forget the searing heat of jealously that waves over a child who feels like they’ve been hard done by. It’s amazing really, how such small beings can experience such extreme anger and emotion. Thankfully, that anger rarely boiled over into physical violence in our case. Except there was one incident when I pushed my sister over as we both tried to exit a doorway at the same time after a fight in the kitchen. Her aforementioned low BMI meant I won that tussle.  And (embarrassingly) just a few short years ago my sister whipped the hair-tie out of my hair when I sat in front of her in the car. Such maturity. Also I just remembered that when I was about four I scratched her on the nose and I believe she still bears the scar…

Despite all this my sister and I are about as close as two siblings can be. Especially considering we have lived countries and cities apart for the better part of the last five years.

Did you/do you get along with your siblings? My Dad and his brothers are still completely insufferable. Our family get-togethers are like The Hunger Games.  

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