I’m back at the beach, just for one night for work. It’s been just two weekends since I was last here and already everything is different.
I have Twilight Beach all to myself this morning. It’s calm.


No technicolor beach umbrellas, no beach cricket games, no frustrated parents chasing tiny sandy bodies for one more reapplication of sunscreen. No more loud board shorts, precariously erected beach tents, no discarded buckets and spades littering the shoreline.
No swimmers dotting the top of the rock like colorful limpets.


It feels clean. The last remnants of summer have washed away and the cool waves have cleansed the place.

I can see footprints from one other person and a dog. I nod hello to a runner. I greet a man setting up his metal detector in the car park. It seems the less people there are, the more you interact with.

A couple of optimistic seagulls hang around.

The normally turquoise ocean has transformed to a deeper, more serious colour, but the top of the waves still shimmer.

I love this place.


Until next time, Twilight.

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2 Responses to Calm

  1. Stunning – what a beautiful place! Glad you could enjoy it.

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