BP Bargains

Because nothing says redemption like cheap and cheerful cosmetics.

Yes BP spilt 174, 383, 776 gallons (or enough to fill 290 olympic sized swimming pools) of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico last year after the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion which had catastrophic effects on the local fishing industry, tourism and not to mention, the environment.

But they are clearly making up for it with a rainbow of high-quality (read: non gluggy) nail polishes at rock-bottom prices*. I picked up the above lacquers for a mere $2 each. Today I am wearing ‘mushroom’ whilst drinking a cup of tea:

If only all lapses in corporate social and environmental responsibility could be made-up for with fun bargains like these.

* The 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill is in no way connected to the sale of nail polish at local BP service stations. In no way was I attempting to trivialise this event. I was only trying to be funny.

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