On the holidays I….

On the first day back at school we were always forced to write about our holidays. If you tried to get out of it by insisting you did nothing, the teacher was wont to retort “unless you sat in a cupboard the entire time, you did something“.

I did not sit in a cupboard. In 25 iPhone photos or less, here’s what I did:

Chistmas 2012

1. Was car buddies with Oscar all the way to Airey’s Inlet
2. Hit up the dog beach and
3. Threw a tennis ball into the waves for the Hound

Chistmas 2012 1

1. Ate a giant cheese platter with four of my cousins and my sister
2. Ate too much pork crackling, kudos to Uncle Simon on the delicious pig
3. Cut myself an embarrassingly large slice pavlova, and put some back

Chistmas 2012 2

1 & 2 Hit the beach with my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma and all their dogs
3. Put ribbons on said dogs, here’s Cheeky modelling his

Chistmas 2012 3

1 2 & 3. Drove to the House of Christmas aka Mum’s house in country Vic. Overdosed on crackling (true story!) and had to go to bed early.

Chistmas 2012 4

1, 2 & 3. Ate more delicious food and played with more cute dogs on Christmas day at my brother in law’s house.

Chistmas 2012 5

1. Drank at a caravan in a lane way (how very Melbourne)
2. Had Chin Chin chicken wings at 1am at Go Go Bar
3. Went a little crazy shopping ahead of Wearing My Wardrobe 2013 and bought this Karen Walker ring

Chistmas 2012 6

1. Went to the People’s Market in Collingwood with two favourites and others
2. Ate a chilli dog and cheesy fries
3. Unwrapped my belated graduation present from Phyllis (aka Dad)

Chistmas 2012 7

1. Went out for booze and meatballs (see previous post)
2. Dressed as an extra from Pearl Harbour for a wartime South Pacific themed NYE party.
3. Flew home to Kalgoorlie, unpacked suitcase and put EVERYTHING away and had a nice early night before work tomorrow (that hasn’t happened yet but I’m trying to manipulate the future)

Not pictured: my uncles and father after I gave them a festive green and red manicure and my sad face after leaving empty handed from Value City Savers (usually a second hand gold mine).

What did you do on the holidays? And don’t say nothing!

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