My top 5 blog posts for 2012

This time of year, the internet is rife with ‘year in review’ style blog posts and although it is already Jan 4 I thought I’d join the party (late, with a box a barbeque shapes and a bottle of Yellow).

So I had a look at my stats to find out which posts rated the highest for the year and shoot-me-down-with-a-muscat-and-call-me-Jenny they are ALL diy posts. So while I wasn’t intending for this to be a DIY event, only DIY folk have rsvp’d to the party. Click on the titles to see the full posts, at number one:

1. DIY neon necklace


Y’all went crazy for neon this year. As did I. All it took was a can of spray paint.

2. DIY neon and neutral clutch


More neon, only with paint this time!

3. DIY hex nut bracelet


The humble hardware store became a goldmine last year with nuts, industrial rope and plumbing parts becoming jewels du jour for DIY fanatics everywhere.

4. DIY metal belt


Another hardware store creation. I was rather hoping I wouldn’t have to re-post this awkward photo again… Oh well.

5. DIY tribal necklaces


And finally coming in at number 5, the tribal necklace.

Long live the DIY trend.

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2 Responses to My top 5 blog posts for 2012

  1. Donna says:

    I have loved all those DIY posts, although I have to admit I never got around to “doing it myself”! It’s always so good to get ideas to keep in the memory bank 🙂
    Keep up the awesome posts!
    Donna xx

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