Wearing My Wardrobe 2013

Wearing My Wardrobe

This is happening. I will buy no new clothes in 2013. Why? For a fun challenge. To get creative with what I wear. To appreciate what I have. To stop mindlessly buying clothes, wasting money and contributing to landfill.

The Rules
Buy no new clothes.
Only if a staple item is damaged to the point where it can no longer be worn or repaired, can it be replaced.
EVERY item in my wardrobe must be worn at least once throughout the year.
Underwear and socks can be bought.

That’s all folks.

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10 Responses to Wearing My Wardrobe 2013

  1. Jo says:

    Love it! Your rules are clear & far less bendable then mine. You’ve inspired me & I’m going to follow the same rules. Even if I sell clothes on eBay I cannot use the proceeds to buy more clothes. I don’t need them & have more than enough. Can’t wait to see how you go! Good luck!!

    • Bec says:

      I was going to put in more complicated rules about being able to buy clothes if I donated some, but in the end I thought ‘screw it! I can last a year!’. Now I’m not so sure! So glad I’ve inspired you and that we can swap stories 🙂

  2. WOW!! You are amazing.. I really should (but could never!!) do this! I feel so guilty whenever I look at my overflowing wardrobe(s) and really try hard not to mindlessly buy things (but fail miserably most of the time!) Good luck x


    • Bec says:

      Thank you! I definitely need luck! I keep changing my mind from ‘this will be easy!’ to ‘what the hell was I thinking?!’. Especially when I think of all the things (weddings, races) that I would like a new dress for xx

  3. Chloe says:

    I’m doing this as well and calling it my year of living simply. My husband and I came to LA two years ago with 4 suitcases, now I have a walk-in wardrobe bulging with clothes (my clothes). Last count I had 6 pairs of black booties (plus one khaki pair and one ivory pair). My rules are; no new clothes or shoes in 2013, presents are okay, as is Mum taking me shopping when she visits, if for some reason an item is desperately required must buy second hand and finally socks, knickers and bras are allowed.

    I too keep changing my mind and thinking I am crazy to believe I can do this, but hey 22 days in! I’ll check back on your progress in the hope it helps me keep my motivation.

    • Bec says:

      Hi Chloe, thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear from other people who aren’t buying clothes for a year, we can motivate each other 🙂 I’m a bit torn on second hand clothes, at the moment I’m not buying any but if I’m desperate that might have to change. Also I think borrowing clothes from friends for a single wear should be allowed right?!

  4. Reddy says:

    Wow… Tough gig.I just shopped today to add to my wardrobe that flows into 3 rooms. It’s bad I know,but it feels so good! I think I will probably try what you are daring to do.Already the word ‘probably’ has appeared in m comment.
    Let’s see…….I will keep following you and take strength and much needed wisdom from your blog.

  5. What an amazing idea! I’d save so much money if I would take this challenge on. Definitely need to visit some shopping-rehab… Maybe I’ll do this 2014… Or when I’m satisfied enough with my wardrobe haha..

    Lily xx

    • Bec says:

      Lily I’ve caved!! I feel terrible! I hardly own any ‘going out’ dresses and I went and bought two on Saturday (see my new post). It is really hard because buying new things just feels so good xx

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