3 fun ways to display your travel photos & memories

One of the best parts about coming home from a trip is going back through the photos, right?! Except all too often your travel snaps are left languishing on phones and memory cards before becoming long forgotten digital clutter. While I’m really keen to do a photo book that tracks our entire 16 month adventure, the prospect of going through thousands of photos is more than a little daunting right now. So in the meantime I’ve printed some of my absolute favourites to display around the house, here are 3 different ways I’ve done them:

Instagram photo collage


There are lots of websites where you can link to your Instagram account (and other social media) and select and drag photos from your feed to print into a poster. I used Poster Candy for this one, its 40x50cm, costs $39 and contains 30 photos. It was a really easy system to use, postage was super fast and the packaging had candies inside. Win!

Photo coasters

I can’t take credit for these beauties, my very thoughtful friend Kate crafted these herself! She printed my photos, attached them to tiles before lacquering over the top. One of the most lovely Christmas presents I’ve ever received. If you Google ‘photo coasters’ plenty of printing options come up.

Display a map instead


For Christmas I bought Andy this map of US National Parks from Etsy seller Best Maps Ever. We visited several National Parks on our USA road trip and absolutely loved them, so having a framed map is partly a great way to reminisce but also a motivational reminder to visit more of them! I’d love to have a huge world map that takes up an entire wall one day…

Do you ever get around to printing your travel snaps?

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8 Responses to 3 fun ways to display your travel photos & memories

  1. Jo De Vivre says:

    Love these ideas. I’ve been collecting Polaroids from all my recent trips and then displaying them in a little frame xxx

    • Bec says:

      So cute! I used to have a Fugifilm Instax instant photo camera (aka fake polaroid) but I sold it before our travels because I thought it would be too bulky and the film too expensive… definitely wished I had it more than a few times! xx

  2. Alexis Harris-Cumming says:

    My plan after our first European trip was to scrapbook all of our photos, because staying home on weekends to scrapbook would help us save money for our next trip… yeah right!

  3. Jess Carey says:

    LOVE the map idea!!!

  4. Oh I LOVE the instagram photo collage photo! What a fun way to print out and display a bunch of photos at once. The hardest part of printing photos to frame is choosing which ones to print!

  5. I love that Instagram Photo Collage – what a cool way to show off all those pictures! I’m so guilty of taking gorgeous pictures on my travels and then leaving them on the hard drive! Thanks for the tip!

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