Travel Tuesdays: The Narcissist Globe Trotter

This week’s Travel Tuesday features photos that are slightly different to your average holiday photos. While travelling one tends always to have their camera handy, so why trust mirrors when shopping when you can take a photo to scrutinise?! I have no idea why I haven’t deleted these (I must have deleted hundreds of others) but in a way i’m glad I didn’t because now I have some hilariously awkward photos from fitting rooms all over the world. Good for a laugh.

Hmmm Here I am, trying on a top in French Connection in Covent Garden, London. Did not purchase.

Surly Super awkward in Barcelona H & M. Did not purchase.

Smiley One of many trips to Mariahilfestrasse H & M in Vienna. Dress worn once.

Contemplative Purchasing a fur vest in Krakow. Well worth the spend.

No Head Trying on a vintage beaded dress in Brooklyn, NY. Why oh why didn’t I buy you?! Why did $75 seem like so much at the time?! (ps nice sandal tan)

Hilarious no?! Back to regular programming next week….

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5 Responses to Travel Tuesdays: The Narcissist Globe Trotter

  1. Valgerður says:

    hahaha love this post.
    but oooh myy i agree, why didn’t you buy this amazingly beautiful red dress!! (i do though understand, 75 bucks at a vintage shop.. i would also think twice).

    I remember you in the red H&M dress in Vienna, can’t believe you only wore it once, I reaaaally liked it 🙂

  2. Jessie says:

    I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but that beaded dress is AMAZING! And such a steal for that price! Don’t worry, I have so many “Why didn’t I buy?” regrets too. And the worst part is those things are generally in different countries or are one offs. On a side note, don’t you think clothes bought on travels are just so much more special than normal clothes? A constant reminder of the fabulous places they were bought from. And then the wanderlust hits again! xx

    • Rebecca says:

      Ahhh I know!!! I should have bought it! If I recall correctly my reasons were; it was really heavy (from all the beading), I was 2 months into an 8 month trip and needed to conserve as much money as possible and it was slightly too big. But in hindsight I should have; mailed it home and got Mum to take it in. WHYYYYY?! It’s funny, some of the clothes I wore overseas I would never wear at home?! But others are particularly special and nostalgic xx

  3. Tribe of Mannequins Creator says:
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