DIY Hardware Store Necklace

This week I learnt, like so many DIY ladies before me, the wonder and amazement that is the plumbing isle at Bunnings Warehouse. So many pretty shiny tap parts. Pair them with 30m of neon rope and voila! Necklace. This thing took almost zero assembly, just a series of twisting and threading and a tiny bit of glue to join the ends which I covered up with a copper thingy. Now I only have approximately 29 more metres of neon rope to use….

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6 Responses to DIY Hardware Store Necklace

  1. this is awesome bec i love the pink and brass fittings! you are too smart! if you want to offload some rope haha let me know and ill buy some off you !!

  2. Hey Rebecca,
    This question may be a little off-topic, Pretty much anywhere you go in the USA these days, you locate a Wal-Mart or Residence Depot flaunting their capability to serve the requires of the Do-it-yourself customer. They provide you with low cost price ranges, large stock on hand and overpowering size. The challenge they pose can be daunting but with the flourishing small industry concepts you can notice the way to compete aggressively with the nationwide chains.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

  3. beatrice says:

    hi, just wondering where did you get the neon rope from?

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