Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind words in the form of comments here, on facebook, emails and messages. The response to my last post was so lovely, so overwhelming and in most cases, tear inducing!

I’m doing ok. I actually feel a bit worse than yesterday, more defeated. As I’ve said to a few people it’s not so much the loss of my phone and camera, it’s more that my skin looks and feels awful. I can’t help but think that if I had just let go of my bag, the outcome would have been the same but I wouldn’t have been so banged up.

Last night I dreamt I was robbed again. This time by a woman. She stole a red Gameboy I had as an 8-year-old?! Slowly going insane it seems!

My shins hurt the most, but they don’t look as bad in this photo as in real life.


Excuse the gross, unflattering photo

We’ve left Taganga and are in a much more beautiful place. The water is magical.

I’m going to try hard not to let this affect the rest of the trip. I definitely do not want to go home. Especially not before we get to Mexico. I’ve been dreaming about guacamole and margaritas for far too long! Although if I could magically transport home for a day or two that would be perfect.

I’m keen to replace my GoPro asap, since we have so many water activities coming up. But GoPros are excessively expensive in stores here and I’m not sure if Amazon will ship one here, if they do I’m not sure what address to use! Problem solving, apparently not my strong point! Andrew is onto it, bless. We also have to lodge my insurance claim, but printers are few and far between.

I promise to return to regular programming after this post and you will only see beautiful photos of beaches, not ones of my grazed skin! Again, thank you so much for your messages. The online support has made such a difference, I really can’t thank you enough.

Stay safe wonderful people xx


The other leg, again, cuts look much better than they are?!

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4 Responses to Thank you

  1. Eric Kentor says:

    “Bec Strong”
    [For the Aussies and others not from America, see “Boston Strong” that caught on following the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.]

  2. SweetHeart, you are a strong and fearless woman – but you also need to let yourself be fragile and angry and cry. Then its back to big girl pants and the journey of a lifetime. How blessed you are to be surrounded by people who care so much about you (kudos Andrew) – sometimes let others take the lead. Its ok to be vulnerable You guardian Angel protects you – listen to you instincts – it is your Angel talking. Looks like “Mending in Mexico” is on the cards. NeVer walk alone again, prayers can only carry you so far…. God Bless, it is a joy to watch your story unfold.
    B1 & B2 rule!

  3. Patrick Caruana says:

    So disappointed for you. I hope the rest of your journey is a kazillion times better.

  4. Glad that you are starting to recover. Your experience was traumatic and it takes time to get over these things. A similar experience happened to me in Europe. Hope you manage to overcome this enough to enjoy the rest of your trip. Best of luck and continued best wishes.

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