10 things you should know about moving to Kalgoorlie-Boulder

10 things you should know about moving to kb

If you’ve read my blog for a while (or read the About page!) you might know that before I embarked on this amazing adventure I used to live in a small regional city in the West Australian Goldfields called Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

KB was my home for three and a half years and I fiercely loved the place. I’ve blogged a lot about all the amazing times I had there and have even outright gushed about the place before.

A little while ago I was asked if I would like to help spread my love of the Goldfields by contributing to the We Love KB blog and of course I jumped at the offer. We Love KB is an online and physical directory aimed at helping people discover the best of the city. My good friend, amazing graphic designer and all-round legend Paula Fletcher is one of the brains behind it. She created the image above, love it!

My first blog post for We Love KB went live yesterday and I have been absolutely blown away by the response. It’s reached tens of thousands of people, a few hundred people have shared the post and I’ve seen many comments (some agreeing, some disagreeing of course!) on the post. The overwhelming response has been so positive and lovely. It’s not always easy living somewhere that has a dated reputation for mining and topless barmaids, so a lot of people were happy to see a real reflection of their home. And I was happy to provide that reflection!

Click here to see the post.

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